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Skills and Career Development Support

Our people are our best asset. Believing making things begins with making people, Koito places emphasis on developing human resources through a variety of curriculums.

Features of our skills and career development system

From new employees through mid-level staff, we help young employees develop their skills and career. The programs aim to develop human resources who can contribute to the global growth of the Koito Group with a strong sense of membership and responsibility.

Training System

<Rank-specific Skills and Career Development Training>

Rank-specific Skills and Career Development Training

<Other Skills and Career Development Programs>

Global skills and career development training
  • - Language study in the USA
  • - Internship at overseas affiliates
  • - Language study (English, Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian)
  • - Expatriate training
Safety training
  • - Industrial safety, hygiene, environmental training
  • - Traffic safety training
Production training
  • - Koito production method training
  • - Production engineering training
  • - Maintenance training
  • - OJT skills training
Quality training
  • - Quality control basic training
  • - Quality control training
  • - Process control training
  • - SQC training
Cost management training
  • - Cost management basic training
  • - Cost management training by function
  • - VE training
Technical training
  • - Proprietary technology training
  • - OA training
Business practice training
  • - Communication training
  • - Social manners training
  • - Skills training
  • - Thinking skills training
Leadership training
  • - In-house lecturer training
  • - OJT leader training
  • - English conversation
  • - Correspondence courses
  • - e-learning

We Support Young Employees in Their Skills and Career Development

Our people are our most valuable asset. With a variety of continuous development programs, we help each of our new employees develop their skills and mature as a confident and competent member of Koito in the first three years after joining us.

Scenes from Training Courses

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Excellent Global Training

English language programs for new employees

From the first year at Koito, you start to attend global human resources training programs, including business English courses taught by native-speakers to develop practical communication skills.

Language study programs at US colleges

You can study languages at US colleges and work an internship at overseas affiliates. We ensure that you can make the most of your potential in global workplaces by helping you improve your English skills, explore different cultures, and understand the roles of expatriates.

Pre-overseas assignment programs

For employees assigned to work overseas, we provide a training program to help them learn manners abroad, explore different cultures, and learn local languages. The programs focus not only on developing language skills but also helping employees better address the issues they face when living abroad.

Self-improvement programs

For those who want to master English, we offer English conversation courses. We provide a variety of self-development opportunities to learn languages, business skills, professional expertise, etc.

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