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Mid-career recruitment Mid-career recruitment FAQs


ic_qIs there any age restriction?

No, there isn’t. Please contact us for details.

ic_qCan I apply for a job type I don’t have experience in?

Certain job types require some years of experience, but there are other jobs you can apply for even if you don’t have experience. Please contact us for details.

ic_qWhen will I start working?

We are open to individual adjustments. Please let us know the date you prefer (when you can start) at the interview, etc.

Screening Process

ic_qCan I have interviews on Saturday, Sunday, etc. when your company is closed?

We are open to adjusting the dates of interviews to suit your preferences, including weekends and public holidays. Please contact us.

ic_qCan you return the application documents?

No, we can’t. Submitted documents will only be used as reference information for screening candidates and will be handled and disposed of in strict confidentiality.

After joining Koito

ic_qAre there any differences in treatment between mid-career and graduate hire employees?

No, there are no such differences.

ic_qAre dormitories or company housing available?

Yes, we have dormitories and company housing available near our bases. You can use them if you prefer.

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contact_bul キャリア採用に関するお問い合わせ/Inquiry for recruitment

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