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New graduate recruitment - screening process

Screening Process

STEP 1Registering your pre-entry

Register your pre-entry from the Koito Manufacturing webpage on the website. Wait for an entry sheet, fill it out, and send it back.

STEP 2Preliminary screening

Entries will be pre-screened based on the information given in the entry sheets. Those who pass the preliminary screening will receive a notice for a web test.

STEP 3Web test

Upon receiving the notice, take the web test on our website. Those who pass the web test will receive a notice for the first interview.

STEP 4First interview

Attend a group interview. Those who pass the first interview will receive a notice for the final interview.

STEP 5Final interview

Attend another group interview.

STEP 6Unofficial job offer

The date you join the company is in the following April. If you have already graduated or if you are to graduate in autumn, let us know the date you prefer to start working with us so we can adjust the date.


Click the banner below to register your pre-entry from the Koito MANUFACTURING webpage on the website.



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