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New Graduate Recruitment FAQs


ic_qWhat kinds of application documents do I need to submit?

Please register your entry sheet first. If you pass the preliminary screening, you will receive a notice for the following step, including a list of documents to be submitted.

ic_qI’m going to graduate from a college overseas. Can I apply?

Yes, you can. If the date of graduation is different from that of schools in Japan, please let us know. We can make adjustments. Most of our employees join us in April, but some start working with us in October.

ic_qI’d like to hear what people say who already work for you. Can I talk to someone from my college?

Yes. We will try to find you someone from yours. Please ask us.

ic_qCan you return the application documents?

No, we can’t. Submitted documents will only be used as reference information for screening candidates and will be handled and disposed of in strict confidentiality.

Screening process

ic_qCan I proceed to the screening process without attending the company briefing session?

Yes. Even if you don’t attend the briefing, you can proceed to the screening process provided you have registered your pre-entry.

ic_qDo candidates’ skills in English or other languages count for much?

Not only English but also other language skills are a critical working tool for us. So, if you have a high level of language skills, you are welcome. Even if you are not yet very good at languages, however, you can still develop your skills by learning on your own initiative through our in-house skills and career development programs.

After joining Koito

ic_qWill I have opportunities to work abroad?

We work globally with many affiliates overseas (plants, technical centers, sales offices, etc.), so there will be many opportunities for you to go on business trips or work overseas.

ic_qCan I give my preferences for assignments or work locations?

We assign you where we think is best considering your wishes and specialties. So, you can give your preferences, but you may not get what you want.

ic_qWill I be assigned to a workplace immediately after I join you?

First, you attend new employee training, a training camp, and shop-floor training. After all this, you are assigned to your workplace. Last year, new employees started to work at their workplaces in August.

ic_qAre dormitories and company housing available?

Yes, we have dormitories and company housing available near our bases.

ic_qAre there systems to support childbirth, childcare, and nursing care?

Yes, we have various welfare systems, including childcare leave and nursing care leave.


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Recruitment Information Screening Process

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